Gingerbread House Cake

People, who fill their mouth with water upon hearing the name ‘Cake', will love this game as it is based on their favorite food item. The game is designed with sparkling graphics and animation and the lovely, peaceful music allows you to play the game with a relaxed mind. The display of a beautiful background in the main menu is yet another attraction of the game. Click the play button if you cannot wait for too long to prepare the yummy cake which forms the main purpose of playing.

When you start the game, a lovely cake is displayed in the shape of a small house placed on a platter with many decorations. You will see several options on top of the screen. Clicking each option will display another submenu from which you can change the look of the cake. The first option is to change the pattern of the roof of the cake. To change the colour of the roof, select various colours after clicking the second button. The entire colour of the cake can be changed on clicking the third option while the fourth and the fifth ones help you change the decorations on the cake's roof and body, respectively. After you have finished designing the cake, click the next button to proceed further.

There will be two buttons shown on the left side of the screen. The first button allows you to change the type of platter used and the second one is to modify the background of the game. Click finish button to preview what you have made so far. To play the game again, select replay from the screen. If you want to try other games offered by the website, click the more games button. The game is simple in concept as it is concerned with only designing the cake but permits you to play it comfortably due to the inexistent of any sort of conditions regarding time, score, etc.

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