Ellas Tasty Cakes

Ella is a beautiful girl who seeks help from you to design her cakes in the most stylish manner possible. The game is primarily targeted for girls but anybody who is mad about cakes can play this game with lots of fun. The game allows you to choose any one of the seven languages and is loaded off immediately. The main menu shows the play button and a button to access hundreds of games published in the website. Hit the play button and start the game.

You will see a wonderful kitchen where Ella is standing with the three cakes made by her. Many options can be seen in the left and right side of the screen with arrows. Clicking the arrows will change different attributes of the cakes. You can alter the pattern, colour, toppings and decorations of the cake with these option buttons. When you think you are finished designing the cake, you can click the tick button on the bottom to preview what you have made. There are buttons on the top that enable you to print the picture of cakes you made or save it. The main menu is always available to you when you click the close button.

The game never hangs and exhibits catchy animations with lovely music in background that make your gaming experience unforgettable. The game is so simple to play that even children could find it entertaining and enjoyable as mouse button is the sole control which you have to take care about. The restrictions of time and target to be achieved are not applicable so you can enjoy the game with a relaxed state of mind. It give you some knowledge of how a cake can be arranged in different manners and what all toppings can be added to it. So give it a try and find how you kill your boredom.

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