Cooking chocolate cake

Sara has come with yet another tasty recipe which everyone loves to have – chocolate cake. This game proves to be a cooking guide and the use of good animation makes cooking easy to understand and follow. The main menu displays play, recipe, instructions and more games buttons and a nice music playing in the background. The recipe button becomes handy when you are cooking the cake in real life and refer instructions for getting the idea of the gameplay. Start the game by hitting play button.

The first window displays several bowls with different ingredients placed on a table. A big empty bowl in the centre is meant for mixing the ingredients. Clicking the bowl with content and then the big bowl will transfer the content to the main bowl. You have to add butter and beat it using the machine given. Then add caster sugar, 4 eggs, flour, cocoa powder and baking powder into the liquid butter and beat them well to get a smooth and soft batter. The first level is completed now.

The second level starts requiring you to pour the batter into two round plates and smooth the surface with a spatula provided. Now open the microwave door and place these two cake tins inside the oven. Close the door and bake them for 20 minutes. Take them back and allow them to cool for some time. Now place the cake tins upside down in a rack and remove the butter paper stick to their bottom. Let them cool off completely to level up.

Preparing fudge frosting constitutes the third level of cooking. First switch on the stove and place the vessel over it. Now add double cream and boil it before adding butter into it. Pour some honey into it and add dark chocolate pieces. Now stir the mixture well with the spatula and the item is ready. Take it down to an empty bowl and head forward to next level.

An empty plate is shown where you need to assemble the cakes. Place the cake onto the plate and spread fudge frost over its top surface using the palette knife. For spreading the frost, click and drag the cursor over the arrow shown. Place the second cake on it and cover the entire cake with frost. Sprinkle sliced almonds on the side wall of the cake and decorate it with cherries and shaved chocolate pieces. That's it! The delicious and yummy chocolate cake is all set for serving.

Points are awarded at the end of each level based on the sharpness and timeliness you showcase during the gameplay. Respond quickly and correctly and complete each levels within the time limit to maximize points.

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