Betty Cup Cake

Do you really enjoy to have cup cake? How about to design it? Betty cup cake is a fine designing game which allows you to prepare cup cakes. With its lovely background music and graphics sure this game deserve some boosting. A true game lover who interested in designing cup cake can make his gaming hour enjoyable.

The game starts with a beautiful open window where the player has the option to play or he can search for more games. At the right hand top there is an audio signal which helps to off or on mute. Now the player can move forward by clicking play.

The game presented in different section of pages. At the first page the player can see a cup cake is place on the plate in the middle while there are available 3 options at the left side of the window. The option is to change the colour of the covering of cup cake. There are different colours available. One can opt his choice from there. The the second option to similarly regarding the coating cover of the cake and the final option deal with cream design. There are 6 cream designs available. The player have to choose the right type of design according to his creativity which suite the cover he given to the cake.

After all these selection the player can move to next section by clicking the proceed button at the right bottom. Here there again available with various type of cream. One have to opt the most suite type of cream and start to decorate it over the cake by clicking on the mouse. Then move to the next section. At this section the player can find lot more options. Here the first option is to decorate again over the other decorated creams. Then the second option is to opt the design for the cup cover. This is just to make the cup cover lovely and so there is option for ribbon tied covers. Below one can find more option window. In this special more option window there is available with more ingredients to cake. This include slices of orange cherry apple etc to present over the cake. Player can opt out of his creativity again. Then select for the proceed button. Here available with option of which colour plate and the room for to place it. Player opt to his suite and click the proceed button at the right bottom of the screen. This will lead the page to final screen of the game. The final screen shows the cake that the player designed.

So hurry up… lets make a deliciously designed cup cake……………….

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