Spongebob Hamburger Game

One of the favorite cartoon characters of children, Spongebob, is being employed in a burger shop. The burger is produced by three big machines and he is in charge of supervising the production. He must ensure that the production process runs smoothly by feeding ingredients to the machines at regular times and stop tricky plankton from stealing your krabby patties. Help SpongeBob to retain his job by making as many krabby patties as required by his employer within the given time. On starting the game, necessary instructions are displayed along with the game controls to help you play the game easily and without any confusion.

The game is divided into different levels and in each level you have to make a certain number of hamburgers. Minced meat is being fed upon to the conveyor belt at systematic intervals. The first machine converts the minced meat into patties and the patty will be cooked by the second one. The other ingredients are added by the third one and the burger becomes completed. They will be collected in a storage portion in the extreme right side of the belt. In this way, you have to reach the target. Each of the machines has a button in front of them. If the button turns red, it indicates that the particular machine is out of required ingredients. Click the button to refill the machine and the button will turn green in color. At times, the tricky plankton creeps in from above and tries to steal your valuable meat patties. You have to jump and kick it to prevent the stealing.

Use the arrow keys to move left and right. To jump, press the up arrow key. Space button is for refilling the ingredients but pressing the up arrow and space bar in a row will make the SpongeBob to jump and kick in the air using his legs. This is done to avoid the plankton. To complete a level, you have to make the targeted number of burgers, failing to do so will reduce one life out of the three provided.

After some levels, you can play the bonus stage in which you can earn some points. The employer, Mr. Krab's safe has exploded and he is there to catch all the lost money and you have to help him. If you collect all the coins and notes, you will gain an extra life. But the bonus stage comes to an end as soon as you hit a jellyfish or the given time expires. Mr. Krab will update the machines and they will replace the old ones in the factory. When they are in place, you have to make more patties to go to the next level. Play well and try to finish all the levels and get a high score which can be submitted online.

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