Vigor The Pizza Boy

‘Vigor - the pizza boy\' is a game where play the role of a super pizza boy named ‘Vigor\' who is assigned the mission to deliver pizza to each and everyone in the level. The splendid graphics and lovely music will make this game all the more enjoyable especially for children who love superheroes. Instructions are displayed at level zero which demonstrates the basic gameplay helping a beginner to quickly adapt to the game.

When the game starts, you will see many customers standing one by one at various positions in the screen. Your avatar stands at the bottom of screen. He will throw pizza or fireball at the clients by the click of your mouse button. The bottom bar displays essential information like stock of pizza and fireball in hand, time remaining of special power, pizza and fireball selector, current level, etc. There may be obstacles like barrels and wood. Throw fireball to destroy them. You can also see cannon and jumper. The cannon will shoot the pizza thrown at it to the direction in which it has been pointed to. The jumper will push the pizza a little forward. There are certain powers displayed as small icons in a circle which may increase your throwing power or increase the number of fireballs in hand.

Serving pizzas to all the customers in each level forms your objective for the game. Just aim and throw the pizza to client and he will grab the item when it passes nearby. Use the buttons ‘A\' and ‘D\' or ‘W\' and ‘C\' to move the avatar. In the course of serving, you have to destroy obstacles, collect coins, use cannons and jumpers, etc. to be alive in the game. To collect coins, simply hit them with the pizza and it will earn you points.

Don\'t hit the customers with the fireball as that will turn their face to red with anger. If you do not satisfy everyone in the level with the number of pizzas available, the game is over. But you can replay from that level itself by clicking on ‘Continue Game\' from the main menu. There are twenty four levels to play and maximize your score to the extent it is possible to acquire a top position in high scores chart.

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