Unfabulous Burger Bustle

This game is based on a popular programme in Nickelodeon, named Unfabulous. Mary Ferry has taken away Jake from Addie for the school dance. Addie wants to revenge and works at the Yum Burger shop to collect enough money to outbid Mary. This is the storyline on which the game is based upon. The option of how to play in the main menu is very helpful for the beginners. Click the play button to start the game.

Customers will wait at the door as soon as they come. Click on them to greet him or her and click on an empty booth to seat the client. He will read the menu carefully and raises his hand and whistles to inform that he is ready to order. Take the order from the client by clicking on his table and the order will appear in a small box above his head. You will see three cooks holding a plate each behind the serving counter. Click on the item in the cook's platter to pick them up and click the customer's table to serve them. They will eat the food and after finishing that, they may leave the shop or order for another item. If they leave, click the table to clean it up and collect money.

You will get an increase in star ratings after some levels. The higher it gets the more patient and generous the clients will become. Each level puts forth you a target in terms of money to achieve. Failing which will finish the game instantly. Reach the target before the time given for the level expires to pass the level. The number of customers visiting your shop gets increased with progress in levels and you have to serve them fast. You find it very difficult to attend each customer as you are the only one to serve. The cooks will take some time to place a fresh item in their plate and you cannot serve a wrong item to a client as it will only result in loss of money and time.

The game provides you serious fun and helps you kill the boring time.

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