Can you serve the customers without tumbling the food items down? Well, the game ‘Tumble Waiter\' is all about keeping your customer satisfy with safely serving food items. You are a waiter who is entrusted the duty to deliver the order.

On starting the game, you will see the customer waiting for his order at the extreme left side of the screen. And where are you? You would be standing on some blocks placed on top of one another. The order is already in your hands well arranged in a plate. Press button ‘A\' or left arrow to move him left and button ‘D\' or right arrow to walk right. Click on the blocks to destroy them. The objective of the game is to make the waiter touch the floor by destroying all the blocks one by one. You have to be extremely careful when removing the blocks as you may lose your balance when the blocks get disappeared. This may disturb the items organized in the plate and may cause it to move out of the plate. After you have successfully made the ground, move to the customer quickly and make the items in the plate slide over to him. Based on the satisfaction level of the customer, he will give comments on your service and this will decide points earned in the particular course.

The game is divided into various courses. The screen has two buttons on top, one is ‘next course\' button and the other is ‘redo course\'. You can click on the first button anytime to proceed to the next level. If you have made a mistake or have caused the items to fall, just click on the other one on top to reset the course and start again. But replaying the course make your points get reduced. When you go through the levels, you will find the game getting more and more difficult. You have to use your brain to remove the right block at the right time and get through the levels. On finishing the game, you can submit online your score to compete with other players around the globe.

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