Tiger Burger

Step into the shoes of the all-time favorite golf player. Yes, you guessed it right. It is Tiger Woods. He has just been out of touch with his sport, so decided to run a business and earn some points. Help him to earn a handful of cash but beware of his wife who tries to annoy him.

On starting the game, you are provided with step-by-step instructions regarding how to pick up burgers, make drinks, grab fries and serve the clients. This proves to be very helpful when you play the game. On starting the game, you can see the hamburgers on the left side, fries in the middle and drinks on the right side of the screen. Customers enter your shop through the extreme right side. They will stand and order for the food items. There are three types of burgers. Click the right one to pick it up and click the plate to put it there. There are four flavors of drinks to serve. Pick an empty glass by clicking and then click the right colour in the juice vending machine to fill the glass with that flavor and drop it in the plate. Fries need to be served in the carton. Grab the carton and click on the fries to fill it and click the plate to place it. When you are finished picking up the food items in the order, click the arrow mark on the bottom of the screen to move the plate to the customer. You will get points from him and a comment on your service like perfect, good, etc. Based on the timing of your service, points are awarded, so be quick. Serving too fast will double or triple the points awarded.

Watch out for Tiger\'s wife. She may come at times and prevent you from working. Click continuously to make her go away or she will eat your valuable time. If you do not meet the order within seventeen seconds, he or she will leave your shop. As levels progress, the order becomes expanded, making it a difficult task for you to satisfy the customer. You have to earn as much points shown as target for going on to next level. Failure to get enough points will force you to shut down the shop. So help Tiger to run his burger shop off-season and retain his reputation.

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