Suzis Big City Diner

The fast-food shop ‘Big City Dinner' is run by Suzy which has been established recently. You have to play as Suzy and satisfy your customers with excellent service and prompt delivery and thereby attracting new customers into the shop. The game is featured by its brilliant animation, simple interface and pleasant music that make the gameplay an awesome experience.

As soon as you start playing the game, on-screen instructions will be shown to introduce you to the game. The game gives the top view of your shop from outside. Your shop is shown at the top of the screen which can be identified by the shop name. The car parking bays are at the bottom where your customers stop by. They will choose the food items they want and you have to take orders from them by simply clicking the car. An order ticket will be displayed at the very bottom of the screen each time when you pick an order. Hand over the order to the chef by clicking the shop and ask him to prepare the items in the order. You can select the items by mouse click and then click on ‘plus' or ‘minus' signs near the item to increase or decrease the quantity to be prepared. The chef starts preparing the items and will inform you when it is completed. Collect it and serve to the right customer to earn money.

You are required to earn a certain amount of money each day fixed as target to effectively run your business otherwise you will be forced to close the shop. More number of customers arrive your shop as days pass by and the parking bays also gets unlocked. You can always check the stock of various items by clicking on the box icon on the right side and place order by selecting items and then clicking on the ‘order' button. Your order for fresh stock will be met in a short time. At the end of each day, you will get a medal according to the earnings and will get a chance to buy an upgrade to run your business smoothly. They include reducing the time required by the chef to prepare the food items ordered, purchasing music system which will make the customer to wait longer in the shop, increasing your capacity to stock various items and adding new items to your menu like hotdog and chicken. These upgrades cost you some money and obviously you cannot buy them in the initial days because of inadequate funds.

Play the game repeatedly to master it. Even if the game is over, you can start from the last played level by clicking the ‘continue' button in the main menu. Play well and earn as much as possible as there is a chance to submit the score online.

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