Soup Shop

This game provides you an opportunity to prepare and serve one of the simple and healthy food item, that is, the soup. You can learn to prepare the soup in a few mouse clicks and playing it repeatedly makes you know the ingredients and preparation process well. As a beginner, go to instructions from the main menu to get some essential information about the game.

Your shop has a long serving table where you can see everything required to make soups of different varieties and tastes. The tray on the left side contains the ingredients to make soup such as potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, corn, mint, pepper, salt, etc. in addition to crockery items like plates, cups and spoons. When the customer comes, he will order for a soup of his taste. Click the plate and then cup to place them on the table. Add those ingredients which are mentioned in the order by simply clicking and dragging them into the cup. Add some hot water by placing the cup in the soup machine and clicking the red button. Place the cup back into the table by dragging it and add pepper, mint and corn to this. Place a spoon also in the cup and serve it to the customer by dragging and dropping the finished soup onto him.

You cannot serve a soup to a customer with the ingredients he had not asked for. He will not accept it resulting only in wasting your time. If you made a mistake regarding the ingredients, put it in the dust bin by drag and drop process. Be careful you do not make the customer wait for a long time as this will cause him to leave your shop. As you progresses through levels, the waiting time of the customer gets reduced.

You will be provided a certain amount of time and you have to maximize the earnings in that time. Earn higher and submit the score online to earn you some name among your friends. Playing this game enable you to have a basic idea about soup preparation and you can try making it at your home after gaining more knowledge and with a little practice.

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