Soft Drinks Service

Soft drink is a non-alcoholic beverage containing water, sweetener and flavors. You are running a soft drink shop and your customers are beautiful girls. Impress them with some delicious drinks and your prompt service. This game will show you the different types of soft drinks in the market which differ in flavors. You can serve the items with simple mouse clicks. If you don't know about playing the game, you can click on ‘how to play' in the main menu.

Customers appear in front of you and they will ask for a drink. There are five square boxes at the bottom to select different components. The first box has different shapes of glasses displayed. Click the right glass to select. Now select the flavor of drink asked by the customer by clicking the correct one from the second box. The third box contains various types of fruits to decorate the drink and the fourth one is to select the type of straw. Click them to select and add to the drink. You can see the preview of the drink you made in the fifth box. Match the drink in the fifth box with the order and see whether they are same.

In each level, you have to serve a certain number of customers correctly in order to pass the level. Each customer has a time bar displayed along with the order. You have to serve the customer before her time bar gets empty otherwise she will leave the shop and you will lose a life out of six lives available in each level. Game will be over if you lost all your lives. Even if you serve a wrong drink, it will cost a life. Serving right item will earn you hundred points.

Two or more customers come at the same time in higher levels making it a bit more difficult to handle the situation. Be careful not to lose many customers in the level. Clearing five levels will finish the game and you can submit your score to compare it with your counterparts. Can you win the game without losing any life? Well, try it for yourself.

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