Rush Draught

‘Rush Draught\' is the game where you are a bartender and you need to serve customers what they want. Click the ‘help\' option from the main menu before starting the game to make it easy to play.

You will start with a level selector where only the first level will be available for you. Complete each level to go to the next level. Click ‘Level 01\' to start. The bar is shown with three floors and people will come and ask for the item they wish to have. Use up and down arrow to move up or downstairs and press spacebar to select a drink and throw it to customer. He will throw it back once he has finished drinking and may order for another drink or will leave the bar.

When the customer throws the glass back, just stand in the same floor to catch it and earn money. If you miss the glass, it will break and cost of the glass will be reduced from the cash earned. A target of cash is set in each level for you to earn within the time limit. Inadequate earning of cash will throw you out of the employment.

After some levels, the number of visitors, drinks, floors and seats in each floor will increase demanding your concentration and speed to be high. If you have a variety of items to serve, press spacebar to get the list of items and then use left and right arrow keys to select the right one before hitting spacebar again. In some levels, a new premise will be given to you. If you fail to serve a customer on time, he will leave your bar. Also if you throw a wrong drink to a customer, it will be wasted and your money will be deducted by its cost.

The game is a tricky one as the demand of customers gets hidden after some moments. So you have to remember the order of each customer correctly in order to satisfy them. There are eleven levels to play and completing all of them makes your bar the best of the year!

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