Papas Pizzeria

Papa Louie is out of the town. You are Roy, his son, who is assigned the responsibility to run the pizzeria. Manage the shop and serve well the customers as Papa Louie is closely watching your actions.

When the game starts, three slots for saving your game are shown. You can select any one and clicking on pre-saved slot to load the game from where it had been saved. You can see four icons at the top-right of the screen representing order station, topping station, baking station and cutting station.

Order station is where you have to deal with the customers. Taking order and delivering the finished order to the customer are done here. Next is the topping station where you make pizza and add different toppings to it. Baking is done at baking station and cutting station is for dividing the pizza into pieces.

Attend the customer by clicking on the ‘take order' at the bottom-right in the order station. He will give details of the pizza such as the type and number of toppings needed, the time to bake the pizza and the manner of cutting the pizza into pieces. Roy will take down the order in an order ticket. Once the order has been taken, the customer will go and stand in the pickup line in the back. Drag the tickets to the ticket line to hang it there.

Start making pizza in the topping station. Drag a ticket onto the right-side panel and click the ‘make pizza' button to get the pizza displayed at the center. Drag the required toppings to the pizza using your mouse and repeat the same a number of times to match the order. Remember to put toppings in that area of pizza as desired by the customer. Then click the ‘into oven' button to put the pizza into oven placed at the baking station.

A timer is shown next to each pizza at the baking station. Click the pizza when the timer reaches that point that the customer specified in the order. You can bake up to four pizzas at a time and pizzas change colour when the timer hits each mark on the dial.

At the cutting station, you have to divide the pizza in the same manner as the customer stated in the order. Click and drag the mouse across the pizza to mark where you want to cut and release it outside the pizza to cut across the dotted line. If you make any mistake in cutting the pizza regarding the number of cuts and the pattern, you lose points. After you finish all of the cuts, click the ‘finish order' button.

Serve the item to the customer and wait to get his opinion. He will rate the pizza in terms of serving time, exactness in applying toppings, baking perfection and pizza cutting and will give you points in percentage. Try to maximize these points to earn more tips from the customer. Also, for each correct serving, the customer will get a star on his or her star gauge.

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