Papa's Burgeria

Papas Burgeria exhibits an interesting storyline with amazing animation and graphics and simple music to make the player glued to the game. You can choose the characters of Marty or Rita who is made to work in a Burger shop. You have to serve your regular customers very well to keep them coming to the shop and in the meanwhile earn money.

At the first day of your employment, you need to take care of only one customer so as to get you used to the game. Instructions are displayed one-by-one on the screen which help you to get through the first day and know the gameplay well. There are three areas in your shop, namely, order, grill and build station and you can switch from one area to the other by the buttons on the bottom. At order station, customers come and wait at the front counter. You need to take order from them by clicking the button over their head. The ingredients needed by the customer in his burger are written down in the order ticket. You can hang the order ticket on a ticket line on top to store, organize and access as you wish by dragging the ticket.

The burger preparation starts with cooking meat patties. Go grill station and check the order ticket to the right side of screen to see them clearly. Now drag patties to the heated oven. Flip it often to keep the temperature on both sides of the patty equal. Cook as long as the customer demanded in the order and take the patty out of the grill.

Stacking the burger is done in build station where all the ingredients including cooked patties and toppings are provided. You need to add items one by one as shown in the order ticket following the same sequence as demanded by the client. After stacking, drag the ticket to the serving plate to deliver the order.

The customer will have a careful look of the burger and he will give record his satisfaction level in percentage for the areas like grilling, building and waiting. Tips given are also based on the basis of satisfaction level. As levels progress, the number of customers increases and so the size of the burger they demand. On passing successfully some days, your reputation increases. You can upgrade your shop with many goodies that will ease your cooking task and will increase the waiting time of the customers. The score you achieved can be submitted online. So, step into his or her shoes and see what you are up to.

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