Pancake Master Game

From the name itself, you can well imagine what the game is all about. Pancakes are small, thin, flat and round cake prepared from batter. It is a well preferred choice of a majority of people with its sweet and delicious taste and the cute way it looks. Even if you don\'t know how to make pancakes, the on-screen instructions will guide you through the gameplay.

On starting the game, you are asked to select the district in which you want to sell pancakes. Initially, only one district will be available for you. Your pancake shop is situated on the roadside. Customers start arriving your shop as soon as you open the shop and they will order for a cookie with the jam of their choice. Click on the batter to get some into the batter to get some into the ladle. Then pour it into the mould on the stove by clicking on it. The pancake will be ready within few seconds and then click on it to pick it up and put it into the plate. Apply the right topping on the cake by clicking on it first and then on the pancake. That\'s it. Pancake is ready to serve. Click and drop the cake on the customer who asked for it to serve. Collect money given by him by clicking it.

The type of mould and toppings increases with days passing by. You can make pancakes in round and star shapes. The toppings that are available in the shop are jam, chocolate and cherries. You are also required to provide drinks in proceeding days. The number of customers increases and the number of toppings and items ordered also gets an expansion as you progress through the game. You have been provided target money to earn each day and there is a limit in time available. Earn the target money before time expires to successfully carry on the business to the next day. Failure to reach target will bring an end to the game.

Once you have successfully survived with your business for five days on a district, a new district will be available to you. And completing all the three districts will make you win the game. Remember, don\'t leave your customers wait for a long time. They become gloomy and leave your shop if you do so.

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