My Little Cookie Kitchen

Cookies are small, round-shaped treats similar to biscuits and cupcakes. This game teaches you to prepare cookies. The step-by-step instructions enable you in well understanding the preparation of cookies and you can try it at home after playing the game many times. So why don't you give it a try and impress your relatives and friends? You can have them with tea and also serve it to your guests.

On clicking the ‘play me' button in the main menu, a screen appears where you are asked to select a colour for your bowl. This is done by clicking the left and right arrows at the bottom with your mouse. After selecting your preferred colour, you are required to prepare the dough for the cookie. For this, add some flour to the bowl. This is performed by clicking on the flour packet shown. Next add some brown sugar by clicking the pack of sugar. In this way you have to add baking soda, white sugar, vanilla extract, salt, butter and finally two eggs by just clicking each of them in the same order as they are written here. The next step is to keep clicking on the bowl to mix up the ingredients. After this, the dough becomes ready.

Now the dough needs to be rolled out and clicking on it continuously will execute that. Now it is time to select the shape in which you want the cookies. There are several shapes of cutters displayed on top of the screen such as gingerbread, circle, star, heart, egg, rectangle, diamond and tree. Click on your desired cutter to select it. Then click it to cut the cookie dough in the shape of the selected cutter. Click the cutter again to remove it from dough and what is left behind is the cookie in the shape of your cutter.

Click ‘next step' to start baking. An oven will be shown with its door opened. Click the door to close the oven. Now click the red button on the oven to start baking the cookies. Wait until they are baked. How could you know that the baking has finished? Well, you can ensure that baking has been completed when you see the oven turned red in colour. As the finishing step, you have to decorate your cookie with a number of items shown. Just drag and drop them to the cookie and you are ready to serve it.

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