Mom Mania Game

Your child and their friends are home for lunch. They are really hungry and want you to serve food of their desire as quickly as possible. Keep them satisfied and get them back to school on time. Clear instructions on how to play the game is provided.

At the beginning the game, you will be asked to choose your mom out of three shown in the screen. They differ only in colour of the dress and you will step into the shoes of the mom you selected. The first day you start serving is Monday. Children wait outside as they come. Click on them to invite them to the dining table. Your kitchen is shown in the background and you are provided with a microwave. Feed the children with food of their choice. They will ask for Chef Boyardee Mac, cheese and water. The item is displayed in the kitchen shelf as soon as they are ordered by a kid. Pick that by clicking on it and place it in the microwave with another click on it. Wait some time until it is heated up and click again to pick it up. Serve the food item to the right child by clicking on him. He will finish it within a few seconds and may order for another item or leave your home. Do not leave the empty plate on the table. Click it and then click on the sink to clean the plate. Water can be served by simply clicking on it and then on the child.

On Monday, it is only your kid you have to take care upon. But the next day, more kids join at lunch making you busy. On Wednesday, you purchase another microwave keeping in view of the increase in number of kids coming. New juices are ready to be served on Thursday in various flavors. Finally, on Friday, you will start giving a treat to the kids by serving ice-creams.

A time bar is provided on top of each child. You have to serve them before the time bar ends else they will start crying and will leave your house. For successfully finishing the day, you have to earn that many points set as target for the day. Properly serving the child yields you some points. You have to do all this within the lunch break else the game is finished. So serve them better or the monsters inside them will come out!

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