Minnie Dinner Party

Your favorite comic characters are coming to your home. Don\'t get confused as you are playing as Minnie mouse who is arranging dinner for friends in her house. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto are the guests who like to have some delicious food prepared by you.

Click on ‘how to play\' button in the main menu to get necessary instructions. You will get additional information when you start playing the game. The first dish to prepare is to make a dressing to go with the salad. Mix the ingredients to make different dressings and you will be provided three ingredients. Click and drag the ingredient to add it to the mixture and the whisker will automatically stir it for you. Prepare as many as you can before the time runs out. After the expiry of the time, the guests will provide ratings for your food. If you get sixty points, you will have the chance to prepare the next dish.

The next dish is hamburger and frying up it perfectly will conquer the hearts of your guests. Move up and down the mouse cursor will make your fry pan move. Don\'t put the pan too close or far away from the burner to keep the burger at the right temperature and flip it when the gauge above the pan is full. There another gauge is provided at the bottom to enable you to flip at the right time and power. Click once to start the gauge and click again to stop. Stopping the gauge before the danger mark will flip burger correctly and bonus points are rewarded for ending the gauge too close to the mark. If you stop it beyond the mark, you will end up throwing the burger powerfully upwards leaving your roof broken. So be alert regarding the timing of your throw. Scoring sixty points will let you go to the next step - arranging the meals.

You will be shown an arrangement of the food on the plate which you must remember exactly and follow. Choose the right plate, place the food on the plate in the correct position and turn it around to make it exactly resemble the target. For placing the food, click and drag the item to the plate and drop it. Simply clicking the item then will turn the item around. In this way, you have to arrange the food as closely as you can with the target. If you manage to score sixty points again, you will win the game. This is an interesting game to play and people will find the game exciting especially children.

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