Mikey Crazy Cafeteria

Mikey is a fat boy who got a job in a cafeteria. He has been instructed to serve well the customers coming at the café. The game is very well designed with good animations and catchy music. On clicking the ‘next\' button in the main menu, you will be directed to instructions page where everything is displayed regarding the gameplay making it easy to play. Read it carefully before proceeding to game.

The objective of the game is simple – help Mikey to fill the orders as they come in cafeteria. You can see four jars filled with punch, sauce, ketchup and chocolate. On starting the game, plates start coming through a belt and they will pass from left to right. These plates can contain an empty cup, a bowl of spaghetti, a bowl of fries or a cup of ice-cream. You have to click the relevant jar when the order is right under it to fill the order correctly. Click the jar of punch when the cup is right under it to fill the cup with punch. In the same way, apply sauce for spaghetti, ketchup for fries and chocolate for ice-cream.

You will get 10 points each for getting orders right. But entry to the next level is made based on your ability to serve orders correctly. Serving wrong orders will be counted as mistakes and four wrong ones will make you jobless and there are ten plates in each level that you have to look upon.

At the first level, each plate contains only one item. So, it will be easy to get through the first level. But second level has two items in each plate and three in third level. You will find it very difficult to manage every order as you play higher levels. Remember, you can go wrong only four times.

So this game really tests you with your skill in quickly moving the mouse cursor towards the right jar and clicking without wasting a second as the plate is moving at a constant speed. Failing to click at the right time will cause the order unattended and increase the chance of getting you out of the employment.

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