Ladder Server

There will be no one in this world who does not like sweets. Sweets are the most commonly served food item in various occasions. Sweet shops can be found in every corner and you are employed in one such shop. You have to satisfy your customers with sugary and delicious sweets. Those who die for chocolates and sweets will be excited to play this game. The simple interface is another factor which will have you glued to this game.

Your shop is selling food items that are arranged in a cupboard having many shelves. One food item is placed in each shelf. The customer asks for any food item in your shop. As the cupboard is high in size, you are provided a ladder to climb up and take items placed on top. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and stop where the desired item is placed in the cupboard. Use up arrow to climb the ladder to reach the item. Click on the spacebar to open the shelf and pick it up. Step down the ladder by using the down arrow button and serve the item to the customer by going near them.

You are awarded fifty points for serving each customer the right item. But the target is to serve as many customers given as the target in that level before time runs out. You cannot pick up wrong item as it will end up only in wasting your valuable time. So make sure you stand under the right item before climbing. There are three levels in the game. The first level has a target to serve five customers and the second and the third level have the target as eight and ten, respectively. If you do not attain the target within the time limit, the game is over but you will be given an option to play the same level again.

The number of items also increases with the increase in levels, so you must watch carefully the item ordered by the customer before moving. So try your luck in serving chocolates and sweets to customers.

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