Ice Cream Shop

It is time to serve something that children love to eat and that is ice-cream. You are a panda who is working in an ice-cream shop called ‘panfu' and wants to become the best ice-cream seller on panfu. The shop is nicely built with coloured lights and beautiful small chairs and music goes on playing making it the busiest shop in the town.

Before playing the game, you can have an insight of the game by clicking on instructions from the main menu. The step-by-step instructions make you understand the game concept and after reading them, you will become ready for the game.

When the game starts, you will find ice-creams of different flavors and cones on the right side of the serving table. Little pandas start coming to your shop and all they want is ice-cream. You have to watch what flavor they are demanding for and serve them the same. Click the cones to place them in front of you and click and drag the required ice-cream, from among the flavors of pista, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc., to the cone to fill it up. If the buyer wants any topping on it, just click and drag the tube containing the topping to the ice-cream to have it spread on the ice-cream. Then drag the ice-cream cone to the panda to serve and collect money which he gives you by clicking on it.

The game gets tough when you advance through levels. You will have to put different sauces on the ice-cream and fruit toppings and customers ask for ice-creams in bowls also. The customers also demand chocolate bars which can be prepared on the left side of the serving table. Click the vessel containing dough in the bottom-left to pour the dough to the chocolate frames. Wait until it is finished and serve them with or without sauces and fruits.

You can successfully finish the round by earning the target money within the time limit. Customers come only when the timer is running. You cannot serve ice-cream of the wrong flavor and topping. If you make any mistake in mixing, you have to throw the cone into the trash can and start fresh. A lot of things have to be mixed up demanding your concentration levels to be high. So be alert to your customer desire and make them happy. Otherwise they will leave your shop and you will not be able to complete the round.

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