Hungry Girls

All beautiful girls in a building are hungry and you have a great chance to serve them what they want and earn some points. The game is simple as you have to supply the correct item to the girl but requires a quick response from you. You have to use just the mouse and the spacebar button to play the game. Packed with good animations and a nice music, you will find the game very interesting and the beautiful girls add to the excitement. Try to impress them as better as you can. You will get the necessary instructions for playing the game on clicking the ‘help' button in the main menu and is very helpful for the beginners.

When the game starts, you will see six windows of the building and the food item currently in your hand. Click space bar to shuffle the food items in your hand such as pizza, ice-cream, cookie and hotdog. Each six windows will be opened by the girl residing there. Only one window will be opened at a time and the girl will order for an item. Press spacebar a number of times until the food item ordered appears. Then click the girl to supply it to her.

Each level comes with a target in terms of number of girls to be served and that too within the time limit. You are also given five lives at the beginning of each level. Supplying wrong food item to a girl or failing to supply food before she shuts her window will reduce one life. So extreme caution will be taken when selecting the food item and do that at a good pace too.

Supplying correct item will yield you 100 points each. Maximize the points earned in each level by serving the correct item to as many girls as you can. Complete all levels to win the game and submit your score online. If you manage to achieve a high score, your name will be shown among the high scorers. So work hard and play repeatedly to get your name displayed on the top of the list.

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