Hot Dish Game

Testing your time-management is the main aim of the game. You are working in a very reputed restaurant and you are in charge of serving the customers with delicious foods prepared perfectly. So it is your duty to make various dishes by executing different steps at the right time and keep up your shop\'s reputation.

The game starts requiring you to make a dish called ‘Spaghetti Marinara\'. On-screen instructions are provided making it easy to play. The dish requires some steps. The first step is to boil the main ingredient in a vessel for a few seconds. This is done by clicking the vessel in the activity box to start boiling and an indicator also starts moving to the right. Click the vessel when the indicator reaches the green area and the boiling also stops. The next step is to chop tomatoes in the next activity box. Clicking continuously on the tomatoes makes that possible. In the same manner, mince the garlic shown in the next activity box. Then you have to simmer all the ingredients. Clicking on the vessel starts simmering process and the indicator starts running. You can see three green areas in the indicator path and you have to click in the activity box whenever the indicator reaches the green area. What you are doing here is adding the ingredients that you have chopped and minced earlier. That\'s it! The dish is ready to serve.

Another dish that you can prepare is ‘Pizza Formaggio\'. The initial step is to flatten the dough. Click and hold mouse button inside the activity box and then drag the cursor up and down to roll out the dough. Chop tomatoes and mince garlic in the same way as mentioned above. The next step starts with stirring the sauce and this is done by dragging the cursor in a counter-clockwise circle inside the activity sauce. Then click to start simmering activity and the indicator starts moving. Three green areas are shown in the indicator-moving bar. Click the vessel when indicator reaches the first and the last green areas. When moving through the second green area, stir the ingredients in the same way you stirred the sauce. After simmering, you have to bake the pizza. Click to begin the indicator and click again to stop. Stop the indicator in the middle of the green area for the perfect cook.

The clock icon inside an activity box indicates that it is a timed activity. At the end of cooking the dishes, you will receive a rating of one star to five stars for the food item. If you have made the dish with no mistakes, you will receive the perfect rating. So, strictly follow the instructions and keep the timing perfect. Good Luck!

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