Guest Feast Game

This game is really going to be an excitement for you. You are playing the role of a teenage girl who likes to serve the guests and help her mother. A party is going on in your house and your relatives and friends come in large numbers to attend that. Dinner is provided for each and every guests and it is your duty to invite them and serve of them in the best possible manner.

In the main menu, you will find three options: play, story and instructions. The story is the same as mentioned above. On clicking the instructions, necessary information about playing the game is displayed. Now you can start the game. The scenario of the game is the kitchen and dining table of your house. Guests arrive through a door on the right side. Click on the guests to invite them to the dining table. See what the guest desires to have by clicking on the plate in front of them. There are five items to choose from and guests will ask for one of them. After knowing their wish, you have to ask your mother to cook the food item. For this, you have to click on your mother and ask her to prepare the item by selecting it from the pop-up menu. She will prepare it in a short moment and place that in front of the kitchen table. You have to click it to pick it up and click on the plate in front of the guest who ordered it to serve the item. After eating up the food, the guest will leave your house with satisfaction. That\'s how you have to play the game.

As guests are coming endlessly, you must be quick to invite and serve them. You are given only five minutes to serve the coming guests and twenty five points will be awarded for satisfying each guest. Earn as much points as you can within the time given to you. Serving wrong food to the guest will reduce one life from the five lives given to you. In case all the five lives are lost, the game is over. After the expiry of five minutes, your points will be shown and even you can submit that online. Cool, isn\'t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Try your best to strengthen the bond with your relatives and friends by providing the best service you could.

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