Gimme a Cake

This game targets those persons who love cakes. You are working as a chef in a bakery and you are required to impress the customers by selling delicious fresh cakes and cool drinks as they approach you one after the other. Since you don't know about the game when playing for the first time, a tutorial is provided for you to get used to the game which is very helpful.

As a beginner, you will get three flavors of cakes in separate bowls, one chocolate cream bottle, some glasses and a vending machine. A plate is also provided to place the cake and drink for serving. Customer will order for a particular flavor cake with or without cream and fruit on it and a drink. Click on the bowl containing the right flavor cake and drop it into the plate. Similarly click and drop cream bottle and fruit to add them to the cake. Now click on the glass and put it into the vending machine to fill the glass with the particular drink. Now add it to the plate and click the plate to serve it to the customer. Click the coins that the customer gives, to collect the money.

Though it seems to be simple at the first day, the game will turn to be difficult as the days pass on. The number of cream flavors, fruits and vending machines with different drinks increases and you will find it difficult to handle the situation as the customer gets angry and leaves the shop if you delay the service. If you have added cake, cream, fruit or drink of the wrong choice, you can click on ‘reset the order' button to start from the beginning.

The time for the day is very limited and you have to collect as much money that is set as target for the day to retain your job in the bakery and successfully finish the day. Earning money short of the target will throw you out of the job. Interesting isn't it? Now it is your turn to play the game and see how well you can perform!

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