Franktown Fruit Smoothie

It is a good idea to consume fruit juices and smoothies for surviving in a hot and humid day. The demand for them just rises up during summer when the sun shines brighter than any other time during the year. You have just got a job in a busy juice bar where you are the only one to serve all the customers.

Preparation and supply of smoothie requires full commitment from you. All the ingredients of smoothie such as yogurt, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, peaches, blueberries, coconut and kiwis are placed in separate cans on the table. The number of smoothies to be made for the current level and number of awaiting orders are shown on the top-left of the screen. If you stack up more than ten orders, you will be fired.

At the time of making the order, you are provided with an empty cup. A list of toppings to be made along with the number of times they must be added are shown in a display panel which you must strictly adhere to. Click and drag yogurt from the can to add it to the cup. Do this that many times as shown in the order. Add the required fruit toppings to the cup in the same manner. As soon as you finish mixing, the cup will be delivered automatically to the customer and the next order comes in place. In this way, you have to finish all the orders for that level in order to proceed to next level.

The first two levels are comparatively simple but the third one involves blending of the smoothie which elevates the difficulty level of the game. You have to mix the fruits and yogurt as usual in the preparation area. Then the cup goes to another part of your shop where three blending machines are placed. You have to drag the filled cup to any blending machine to get the smoothie perfectly combined. The blending process lasts for fifteen seconds and you will get an additional ten seconds to take out the cup before it explodes. Then drag it to another cup to successfully deliver the order.

Adding incorrect ingredient and explosion of the cup in the blending machine will be counted as mistakes from your part. When you commit five mistakes in a level, you are thrown out of the job. The square-shaped counters at the top of the screen will give you an idea of the number of mistakes you committed. As you cannot make too many customers wait for smoothies, you have to handle two or more orders at the same time. While blending of a smoothie is in process, you can attend the next order but keep an eye on the timer of the blending machine which is also displayed in the preparation area.

The game is indeed a bit challenging as you are not supposed to waste a single second. You can develop the speed after playing for several times. So satisfy all the customers as quick as you can and show your boss who the master is!

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