Forest Restaurant

How about thinking of starting a restaurant in forest where you have lion, beer, monkey, zebra etc as your customers. Do you really enjoy it? Then that's it the forest restaurant.

The game starts with a lovely interface. In the opening page you are introduced to play or you can find more new games. Click on the play button to start the game.

When the game starts you can view yourself staying in the kitchen of a small cafeteria where you are preparing and serving stuffs. Customers come in front of the cafeteria and give orders. This order can be seen through an extra image window displayed at their head position when they are giving the order. The game is to prepare those ordered stuff as soon as possible so that one can serve to more and more customers to earn more money which indirectly serve to reach the target for each level.

In the first level on have to earn 800 in a specific time then on the second level too one have to earn 800 more but with more varieties of dishes. Thus as the level crosses the player may be required to prepare more and more varieties of dishes.

In the starting level the customers order for milk and bread. Milk is ready available on the bottom left side. You have to just drag the milk to the customer but the bread to be served with omlet. Egg can be seen in a tray at the middle, just drag the egg on the stove on the right side then place the fried stuff in to the bread after keeping the bread on the pan in front. Then drag the bread to the customer.

On the second level player have to serve fruit salad too. One can see the glass for the salad at the left side and salads too on the same side. Take the glass by dragging it and place the salad into it by dragging salad to the glass using mouse. Thus in each level more and more stuffs need to be prepared.

This game promise a go time for kids, that's sure. So kids don't you mind just enter and see what all stuffs got in here, sure this will be a great entertainer.

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