Dinner Party

Apart from running your own restaurant and serving to customers who come in large numbers, here is a chance to serve for the guests in your house. This game can be played in English as well as Chinese, which has its objective to fill the stomach of the guests with whatever they wish. The game is a little bit funny as the guests are all children and their demand for food items is non-stop.

Clicking on the instructions from the main menu leads you to the kitchen where you can click on any food item to know how to cook it. There are two cupboards at the top of the kitchen. You can find plates and a pack of coffee in the left one and cups, bowls and noodles packet in the right one. A microwave oven is placed in between them. A table is placed on the left side of the kitchen and coffee maker, rice cake and carrot cake are placed on them. You can find a stove with a frying pan and a pot on it and also a big normal oven under that. On the right side, a refrigerator containing ice cream, dim-sum, pizza, chicken wings, eggs, yakult and lemon tea is kept. A trash can is also provided in case you cook the wrong one or cooked for too long.

Now the game starts. The guests order for whatever items you have in your cupboard and fridge. The items like dim-sum, pizza and chicken wings needs to be cooked inside the oven before they can be served. Yakult, ice cream and lemon tea can be served simply by dragging them to the guest who ordered. For boiling eggs and preparing noodles, pot is provided and frying pan is meant for heating up rice and carrot cakes. Cups, bowls and plates can be placed on the table by dragging them from cupboard to the table.

The guests are playing cards in the living room. You have to see what the children ask for by moving the cursor towards them. Now prepare the item one by one. Coffee is prepared by dragging the coffee packet to the coffee maker and serving it in a cup. Cakes must be dragged to the frying pan with stove turned on and serve it in a plate after heating for a few seconds. Eggs and noodles can be prepared in the similar fashion with the pot. Chicken, pizza and dim-sum needs oven cooking.

Now serve the food item to the guest who ordered for it. You will get a certain time for satisfying your guests failing which game will come to an end. They will ask for more even if they are fed several times. Quick movements and cooking many items at the same time alone will help you to keep your guests happy and non-complaining.

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