Deep Fried Bread

It is time to make fried breads, this game brings you the excitement of making bread with computer. You are just a few mouse clicks away from cooking may be the most preferred and most prepared dish in the world.

Before starting the game, a tutorial is provided to illustrate how the game is being played. It shows how to prepare the bread and served. A table with various plates is shown on one side. These plates are nothing but the customers who are waiting for your delicious breads. Satisfying all of them day-by-day is your primary objective. For making bread, all the equipments and ingredients are given to you. You will find a four-burner stove on the left side and a table with a plate full of dough and a dough compressor on the right side. Lighting the stove\'s burners starts the whole process of bread making. After stove has been lighten up, place pans on the stove. You can use more than one burner and pan as per the number of orders.

Place dough on the compressor by dragging it and click the compressor to compress and flatten it up. Click again to lift the top of the compressor and drag the flattened dough onto the heated pan. Add some oil to it by clicking on the oil bottle and then the dough in the pan. After a few seconds, it must be flipped over by simply clicking on it. The bread will be fried enough within a few seconds and it is ready to serve. Hand it over to the needy customer by dragging it to the particular plate having a small bread icon adjacent to it. In this way satisfy all the customers who are gathered in your restaurant before time runs out.

In the initial day, most customers ask for only one bread but later on, you will receive orders for more breads from a single customer. The time available also increases with days passing by. Then you have to seriously think about time management. While you are frying a bread on the stove, you can flatten a new piece of dough in the compressor which helps in saving a lot of time. Also the use multiple frying pans helps to attend more than one order at a time. You can use up to four frying pans at a time but using all of them simultaneously depends on your skills. Do not let the breads to be overburnt as overburning causes them to become useless and steals your valuable time.

Undoubtedly, the game proves to be a teaching aid for preparing fried bread even for children with its step-by-step procedure and simple gameplay. Let us see how quick you can make breads and manage every customer. Good Luck!

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