Dagwood Bar

Dagwood sandwich is a tall, multi-layered sandwich made with a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments. As the name hints, you are running a small sandwich shop in a beautiful and exotic beach where you sell dagwood sandwiches to people. A lot of ingredients are involved in making the sandwich and time available is very limited, so the game is really challenging.

Your shop consists of three racks. First and the topmost rack consist of different sauces, namely tomato, mustard and barbeque sauces. In the second rack, onions, pickels, steak and eggs are placed. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread slices, cutting board, beef patty, hams, bacon and cooking grill can be seen in the third rack. As soon as you click ‘start\', instructions about playing the game will be shown including description of each ingredient which proves helpful to users playing the game for the first time. After that, you are ready to serve the customers. Some customers require vegetarian sandwiches while some others prefer non-vegetarian sandwiches. Also the types of ingredients to be included in the sandwich are different for various customers. Each ingredient costs some money so use them wisely. You have to drag bread slices on to the cutting board and then drag the required ingredients and place them inside the bread slice. Vegetable ingredients need not be cooked but non-vegetarian ingredients must be cooked before they can be put inside the sandwich. Overcooking must be avoided as they cannot be added to the sandwich and has to be thrown away thus costing valuable money and time. When you finish mixing the ingredients, serve the sandwich to the needy customer. He may become angry when you make him wait for a long time and also prevents him from paying you tips. So always make your customer happy with prompt service.

Initially you have to handle only one customer at a time. But with progression in levels, you find it difficult to manage them as the number of queues in front of your shop increases. The target money is shown in the top along with money in your hand. You have to achieve the target within the time given in the clock at the top-right corner. The target gets elevated with the passage of levels and so the difficulty involved.

As more ingredients are involved, the player can learn various combinations in which sandwich can be prepared. It is a little hard to play but is really worthy.

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