Cook Until Done

An interesting and funny game to play, this game will attract people of all age groups. ‘Cook until done\' is a simple and easy to play game in which you are tested for your intelligence, timing and observation rather than your speed. The simplicity can also be seen in the game design and features.

The objective of the game is to cook the food items in the manner the customer wishes. Each level demands you to earn certain points. Points can be earned only through satisfying customers. You are provided with a hot frying pan and four plates to serve that indicate the number of customers in each level. There is no need for you to click many times on the mouse. Customer will ask for the item they wish to have and the desired level of baking is also shown. The particular food item is then added to the frying pan in order to bake them. After baking the item for some time, click the frying pan to put the food item upside down to heat up the other side also. The time for which it is heated up is very essential as the baked item should match the customer demand. The item is then shifted to a plate on the table. Then the next customer places the order and so on. After serving all the four customers, they will sit together and give you points. The satisfaction level of the customers is expressed in percentage which will be added up and the result is the points earned in the level. This score is matched with the target and entry to the next level is made if target is achieved else the game is over. The target gets tightened level after level. So be accurate regarding the baking level of the food item.

This game provides you a basic idea about baking the food which is an important process in cooking. You also have an opportunity to submit your score online and be listed in the top ten. So play with competitive mind and utmost care.

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