Chicken Fastfood

Fast foods are inevitably an important part of today\'s busy life. You can find fast food shops at every corner of the world. Here is a chance for you to serve fast food to people and earn points. ‘Chicken fast food\' lets you work as a supplier in a fast food shop. Well animated graphics and a variety of items to serve make this a more interesting game to play.

On clicking the start button, your employer gives you objectives for the level. For the first level, the objective is to serve food to 10 customers and also limits number of lost customers to 2. If you lose more customers than permitted, the employer will throw you out of the job. With the progress in levels, the number of customers to serve and permitted number of lost customers also increases. After opening the shop, customers start coming. They will order for different items in the shop, so carefully observe their requirements. Move the mouse curser to a customer to know what he needs. Then select the food items placed in front of you and add it on the plate by clicking on it. There are many items to choose from; that includes chicken drum sticks, burger, pizza, soup, ketchup, colas, coffee, etc. After selecting the items and adding them to the plate, serve it to the customer by dragging it to him. Collect money by clicking on it before it disappears else you will lose money. Collecting money will earn you points. With level ups, you have to handle more customers simultaneously and the number of food items ordered by them also increases making you to act quickly.

If you mess up the order you can dispose them by dragging the plate to trash can. The time available for meeting the order is very short, so if you lag in serving, you will lose the customer. And you cannot serve them with the items they haven\'t ordered for which will result in unnecessary wastage of time. A calm mind alone can make you win this game. So best of luck!

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