Cake Mania

Happy news for cake lovers! ‘Cake Mania' allow you to make delicious and yummy cakes in a simple and convenient way. In this game, you will step into the shoes of a granddaughter who was brought up by her grandparents. In her childhood, she enjoyed making many varieties of cakes with her grandparents. They were also running a shop through which her grandparents saved enough money to send her to school. After graduation, she returned home only to find that her grandparents' shop and the adjacent land were purchased by a big company from the landlord. She decided to win back their shop and opened a cake shop in her own house.

There is a cake-making machine and frosting machine at the beginning of the game. You have to make cakes with them; eventually you will get more machines. When customers arrive, you have to hand them over the menu and they will select a variety of cake. Different varieties of cake include triangle, square, star and round-shaped cakes. Click on the machine to make the cake according to the customer needs. After that you have to add frosting as desired by the customer. Vanilla, strawberry, ice and chocolate are the frosting options available. After frosting, the cake is ready to serve to the customer. As soon as the cake is delivered, the customer pays cash. Collect money by clicking on it. There is a trash for putting the cake if you have made the wrong one.

The game gets more interesting and tests your speed when customers arrive in numbers. Each of them needs different variety of cakes and frosting as per their choice. You have to serve each and every one of them on time to earn money and satisfied customers are willing to pay tips also. The objective is to get par the earnings with the baker's target before the end of the month. After you have earned enough money, you can buy many upgrades like microwave oven, topper, cake-decorating machine, tv set, additional baking machine and frosting machine, etc.

That's all. Help your grandparents rebuilt the cake shop and show the big bad companies who is the real boss!

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