Burger Restaurant Game

Burger Restaurant is all about running a restaurant and serve burgers to customers in time. With the well animated graphics, the game provides a realistic and funny environment for the player to learn to make beautiful and tasty hamburgers and to serve them. The restaurant is provided with all the ingredients in making hamburgers such as buns, meat slices, ketchup and vegetable leaves.

The objective of ‘Burger Restaurant\' is to make money while maintaining the customer satisfaction to the maximum. Each level has a target in terms of money which has to be achieved. Clicking on “How to Play\' button enables the player to prepare the burger and serve it before the actual game begins. After learning how to play the game, the real game starts. Customers will arrive at your restaurant and place order before you. To make burgers, first click on the oven to get the bun baked. Then heat up slices of meat in the grill and place them inside the bun. It will take five seconds for baking the bun and heating up the meat. Take them and place them on the table. Customers may ask for ketchup or vegetable leaves to be added to the burger which you must place inside the burger accordingly. Serve it to the right customer by clicking on him or her and collect money.

The level increases with the money earned, so are the number of customers. You have to handle many customers at the same time and the real difficulty is that different customers demand different types of hamburgers provide you have only one oven and grill to prepare them. Don\'t make your customers wait for too long else their satisfaction level gets reduced and eventually you will lose your customer. Game will be over when you fail to earn target money at the end of the day. The game requires good speed and observation skills from the player.

The game will impress hamburger-lovers who can make their favorite dish with a few mouse clicks. With continuous play, even children gets a basic idea on how to make burgers with little time and effort.

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