Bar B Que

As the name suggests, the game is meant for those who love to cook and eat non-vegetarian dishes. The game is about cooking those dishes basically made of meat. A tutorial is provided at each level of play showing the steps to be taken for cooking the recipe in that particular level. Each level has different dishes to prepare and is really fun.

After clicking the ‘Play the Game\' button from the main menu, the player will see different levels being represented by a circle. Each level can be played only by completing the previous one. A certain amount of cash is given as the goal to be achieved which has to be collected from the customers who comes to the restaurant. The number of customers arriving in the restaurant at each level is limited, so be careful not to disappoint the customers who are in. They get frustrated and even leave the restaurant if they are not satisfied with your service.

The demand of each customer is different in respect of ingredients used and the order in which they are cooked. That order must be strictly followed, otherwise you will lose the customer. You may have to put the chicken on the plate, add pepper to spice it up, roast the chicken in grill and add tomatoes or chilli leaves as per the needs of the customer. You can prepare two or more dishes simultaneously. Grill cooking takes a few seconds to finish and a trash is provided to put the over burnt meat pieces. Serving over burnt or damaged food items can affect your restaurant\'s reputation, so avoid that. Once the dish is ready, serve it to the customer and collect money from him.

Once all the customers are gone, the collected money is compared with the goal and entry to the next level is decided. If the goal has been met, next level can be played otherwise the player has to replay the level until the goal is reached. After some levels, player can buy more barbeque recipes thereby adding variety to the menu.

That\'s it! You are ready to go with your barbeque recipes….!

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