Tasty Burger Cooking

Tired of long office hours or school time? Here is a game for making you relaxed. Different from the usual burger making games, the game Tasty Burger Cooking aims at designing a tasty and gorgeous burger in whatever form you wish to be. The fine-looking graphics and animation makes the game visually attractive.

The main menu has two buttons: Play and More Games. The first button is meant for starting the game and the second one gives access to many interesting cooking games offered by the website. On starting the game, you will be shown a burger with minimum number of ingredients and you need to add various items into the burger. An array of icons is shown at the top of the screen with each icon representing a different option regarding the burger. Clicking each icon will display another set of icons on the right side which is the submenu of the main icon selected. You can change the shape, colour and topping of the burger in addition to changing the type of beef patty, vegetables and the extras used. The extras include different types of fruits and vegetables sliced in small pieces to be served with the burger. You can also choose the type of drink you want.

Three special icons in the shape of burgers are shown on the left side enabling you to change the background of the game and the serving plate. In addition to these icons, two buttons are given in the bottom right side, one is in the shape of a camera and the other one is the reset button. Click the camera icon when you have finished adding the ingredients and want to preview the burger. If you want to try another one or start from the beginning, click the reset button.

The game puts before you no time limitations or score to achieve, hence is very helpful in keeping you calm and relaxed. Playing the game for several times help you memorize the ingredients and prove handy when you make burgers in real life. So, have a happy burger time.

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