Spongebob Burger Game

From the name itself you can guess whom you are playing for. One of the favorite cartoon characters of children, SpongeBob, needs your help. He dreams of making the largest krabby patties but plankton and his mini robots stand in between SpongeBob and his dream. On clicking on ‘how to play' button, necessary instructions are displayed along with the game controls to help you play the game easily and without any confusion. The game is characterized by its simplicity in graphics and gameplay but the excitement it provides is huge especially for those who love this tiny and cute character.

The game has different levels to play with a specific target to achieve. To get passed to next level, you have to prepare all the burgers in the four paper plates given. There will be several floors connected with many ladders. The ingredients of the burgers are placed on these floors at different spots. You can go anywhere on the bases and climb up or down through the ladders. When the character walks over an ingredient, that item will fall down to the next lower base and pushes the ingredient, if any, in that floor downwards. In this way, you have to drop every single component downwards and finally into the plate. Avoid hitting the plankton and his friends or you will lose one life.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the avatar. Hit spacebar to shoot mustard sauce at enemies. Use the mustard wisely as there is limit in using it. Collect the power-ups like mustard and golden spatula that appear anywhere on the screen and vanish after a few seconds. Collecting mustard will increase the chances of shooting the enemy down. Spatula will kill all the enemies that are currently on the screen.

As levels progress, the number of ingredients increases and so the difficulty level. If you lose all the three lives given, it is game over. Extra life is rewarded when you get through a certain number of levels. Play well and try to finish all the levels and get a high score which can be submitted online.

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