Mushroom Melt Burger

This game can be said to be a burger designing one rather than a cooking game. It also throws some light on the ingredients used in making a burger and also teaches you to arrange various items inside a burger. The beautiful animation and equally well attractive music will never let you down while playing the game. The simplicity and user-friendly interface is also very helpful to the players. The game gets loaded at a rapid pace and there is no main menu provided, so that you can start the game instantly.

Upon starting the game, you will see an unfinished burger at the center of the screen which you need to develop into a full-fledged one rich in all the ingredients. You can see various buttons at the top of the screen. They are used to change the shape of the bun, its colour, topping used, type of meat patty, onion slices, mushroom, tomatoes and you can also choose some extra food items like French fries, chips, fruits and vegetable slices, cookies, popcorn, etc. as per your choice to be served with the burger. Clicking on each of this button will open a submenu on the left portion of the screen from where you can choose the additional options. If you don't like the background of the game in which burger is shown, there are three burger icons at the bottom from where you can select the background image of your choice. When you are finished adding all the ingredients, you can hide all the buttons and icons in the screen and preview the burger by clicking the camera icon in the bottom-right side. A reset button is provided on the right side of the camera button and clicking it will remove all the ingredients added and you can start from the beginning. If you want to play more games in cooking category, you should hit the logo of the game provider at the top-right part to visit their site loaded with hundreds of games.

Limitations in terms of time or target to achieve do not apply to this game, so players are relieved of the need to play quickly and provide maximum enjoy and comfort.

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