Match Burger

The game ‘Match Burger' basically targets the children but anybody who want to relax and play a simple game to kill the stress can choose this game. A completely different game to play, the good looking graphics and animation used in the game makes it a visual treat for the players and the use of catchy music also has a hand to play in its popularity. The main menu is designed in a stylish way to attract the people and contains the options of ‘Play', ‘Turbo' and ‘More Games'. ‘Play' and ‘turbo' have different rules for playing the game. Normal game requires you to maximize the points within the time given and turbo game requires you to finish the game before the time. The time in turbo mode is lower than that given in the normal mode.

The gameplay is simple - to pair the same items. You will be shown many icons of burger on the screen arranged in a well systematic manner. Click each icon to flip it over and a different topping of burger will be seen. Flipping the same toppings on two consecutive attempts will make those icons disappear from the screen earning you points. Pair all the similar icons to finish the game.

You can find an ‘Ultra Jackpot' section on the bottom-right side of the screen. If you pair the sets in the similar order as displayed in that section, you will gain more food items and extra points. These points really boost your points. Pairing eggs twice will give you French fries and 10550 points. Two meat patties and one tomato will unlock ice-cream and gives 6500 points. To get a chicken drumstick, pair a lettuce and two eggs and it will add 7500 points to your total score.

If you fail to pair all the sets given within the time given, the game will be over immediately. Earn maximum points and finish the game as quick as you can by destroying all the burger icons and submit your score online to exhibit and compete with your counterparts from around the globe. Good Luck!

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