Make Chicken Burger

A perfect guide for making Chicken burger- this game can be described like that. Many people are fond of eating chicken burgers but don\'t know exactly how to cook that. For such people, this is a must-try game. In the main menu, you can find ‘Play\' button and ‘Recipe\' button. Clicking the ‘recipe\' button leads you to the list of ingredients displayed along with a short description about preparation of the burger. But selecting the ‘play\' button will provide a direct chance to prepare it with the help of mouse.

On starting the game, you can find everything needed for making a burger neatly arranged on a table. The first step is to take an egg and break it in a bowl by clicking and dragging the same. Add minced chicken, black pepper and salt to the egg and stir the mixture well with a spoon to make a flat shaped chicken patty. Dip it in a bowl of bread crumbs by dragging it to a bowl on the right side. Now, put the patty back into the plate and place the plate on the bottom-left side of the screen. A cooking stove appears with a frying pan on it. Place the patty in the frying pan and switch on the stove by clicking on its button. When the patty reaches a golden brown colour, take it out of the pan to a plate.

Now move an empty plate to the center. Place both halves of the bun on that plate by click and drag. Keep the plate with the buns inside the oven and cook it for a few minutes. Now take out the plate from the oven and place it in the center again. Spread some butter on the bottom half of the bun by dragging the knife in the cheese bowl. After that, place some lettuce leaves and chicken patty inside the bun on the top of one another and add some mustard sauce and tomato sauce over it. Place some onion rings on the mixture and close the burger with the other half of the bun to finish making the burger. You can have it with fries and cola or serve them to the guests.

If you play it repeatedly, you will be a master in the preparation of chicken burgers as the game provides a real-life cooking experience with step-by-step preparation guide.

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