Lora Burger Shop

Lora is a girl who runs a burger shop for fulfilling her dream of making the shop the best in business. Your job is to help Lora in making her dream a reality. The game is packed with simple yet attractive animation and music that will enhance your gaming experience and you will be glued to the game. Don't worry if you are a beginner, the ‘How to Play' button in the main menu leads you to an instruction screen where you could not miss hardly any advice regarding the gameplay. When you finished reading the instructions, you are ready to start the game.

The game is taking place inside the Lora's beautiful burger shop where tables and chairs are provided for the customers to relax and eat the food item of their choice. They will come and order for the items they wish to have. Their order is displayed in a dialogue box above their head. Watch carefully and start preparation. You will be provided a fry maker, cola-making machine and popcorn-making machine in addition to the ingredients for making the burger like buns, meat patty, cucumber slices, cheese and lettuce placed in separate plates.

To make fries, first take the carton and place it in the fry-making machine by click and drag. Place the empty glass inside the cola maker to fill the cup with cola. Popcorn maker fills the popcorn cup when it is placed inside. If you want to make burger, click the right ingredients as given in the order and place them in the serving plate. To serve each item, click and drag it to the table of the customer. He will give you a score and accumulating the scores gives you the chance of getting you to the next level.

A customer's satisfaction level is represented by seven stars at the top of his head. If all the stars run out, the customer will leave your shop and the game comes to an end immediately. You can find your total score on top of the screen with the target to reach for the level to complete. So, satisfy every single customer and reach the target in each level to successfully finish the game.

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