Kellys Burger Stand

Built for people who love burgers to eat and cook as well, this game is designed with the help of beautiful animations and nice background music to catch the attention of players and to conquer their mind. You are playing as Kelly. She and her father run a nice and small burger shop which showcases some of the finest and delicious recipes of burgers that people love to eat. Help them to flourish their business by serving the customers the right items in time and attract more and more customers to the shop. If you don't know anything about the gameplay, simply click the ‘tutorial' button to have an idea about how to play the game with the help of on-screen instructions and a demo order is given for you to try and learn the gameplay.

The objective of the game is to serve customers right items and get through all the levels. You will see Kelly standing behind a table where customers stand aside. They will give the order. You can find all the ingredients on the left side of the screen and on the right side, you will find a cooking grill. Look carefully the order of the customer and click and drag ingredients to the serving plate placed in front of each customer. Make sure you add ingredients in the same sequence as they are displayed in the order from left to right. Meat patties and buns needs to be cooked before they can be served. For this, add them to the grill first and wait some seconds. When the cooking completes, it will show ‘done'. Take the cooked one out of the grill quickly otherwise it will be over burnt and lost. When you add all the required elements, the customer starts eating the order and you will get paid.

You will be provided a certain time and a definite amount to earn in each level. You have to reach the target before the time runs out to play the next level. You will unlock new recipes after every two levels. Remember, you cannot add a wrong item in the order. It will only cost you some valuable time. So, be alert about the order requirements and strictly follow it. Good Luck!

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