Hawaii Burgers

From the name itself, you can imagine where the game is going to take place. Yes, it is in Hawaii Beach. In the midst of beautiful and exotic Hawaii Beach, you are running a fast food shop which deliver burgers, fries and various types of drinks. You have to be swift and competent enough to satisfy your customers and attract more and more to your shop. The main menu provides a help option and upon clicking it, the general objective of the game and necessary information are displayed. After reading that, you can click on the ‘play\' button to start the game.

The shop you are supposed to run is made of bamboos. The girls and boys in the beach are hungry and they come to your shop for feeding their stomach with delicious burgers. They will order for a burger with the ingredients of their choice. The order is displayed on the top of their heads. The money to be earned in the level, the time available and the number of the level are displayed on the top of the screen. You will find the buns and meat patties on the right side and a cooking grill is placed on the left side of the table. An empty plate is shown in which you have to mix the ingredients.

Let us start preparation. Watch carefully the order to know the ingredients needed. Click the burger buns to place them on the serving plate. You can place up to three buns at a time. Then, you have to click the meat patty to place it in the grill. Once it is cooked, take it out of the grill and place it inside the burger buns. Add ketchup to the mix if needed and you are ready to serve. Click the right customer to deliver the order and collect money that they will leave by a click on the mouse.

To complete a level, you have to earn the given target of money within the time limit for the level. Serve the customer the right item for earning money but don\'t make him or her wait for too long, or they will leave and look for another shop. The customer will not compromise with a wrong item, so be careful to prepare with utmost care else you will end up in wastage of time.

Submit your score online and see what you are up to. With the beautiful background of sea and the Hawaiian beach, the game will be a joy to play.

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