Hamburger 1

Hamburger 1 game has been developed for those who wish to eat and also serve burgers. The game is supported well by its graphics and plays a funny music throughout thereby attracting people of every age group, children in particular, to play the game for long without getting tired. You are working in a burger shop and you are required to mix various ingredients as per the order. The game is so simple and provides a basic idea regarding the ingredients to be used in burger and its preparation.

The shop has different ingredients well arranged in shelves. They include bread, salad, cheese, beef patty, fish, chicken, pepper, and mustard and tomato ketchup. The score is indicated in the top-left part of the screen. On its right, the order details are displayed with the sequence of ingredients to be added and is followed by the timer and number of customers served are shown in the extreme right side. Click each ingredient to place it in the serving wrapper. The first item to be taken is the lower bread. Then place the ingredients one-by-one over the bread following the same order in which they are shown in the order sheet above. Beef, fish and chicken patties need to be cooked for some time before they can be placed in the burger. Close the burger with the top bread to finish the order. The burger will be automatically wrapped in a tissue paper and a machine will take that away for serving.

The game will be completed when you successfully attended ten orders. Points will be awarded on the basis of the time taken for completing the game. If you finish early, you will get more points. The language used in the game is Chinese but the game is easy to understand and play.

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