Great Burger Builder

Testing your memory, the game ‘Great Burger Builder' provides you an opportunity to prepare tall burgers and that too with the help of a mouse. You are working as an assistant of a fat and bald cook who gives you burger-making tasks one-by-one. The game is taking on inside the kitchen and all the ingredients are provided. The game has on-screen instructions always displayed while playing in addition to those given in the welcome screen so that you can play the game effortlessly.

On starting the game, you can see the cook showing the order chart with the required ingredients to you. There are storage bins in the kitchen that contains various ingredients for preparing burger. You have to carefully watch the order and click the button shown on the top of the bins to start mixing. There are lettuces, pickle slices, cheese, tomatoes, meat patties, onions, ketchup, mustard and cream to be added. You have to add the ingredients into the burger buns. Click and drag each item to the bun to add it. Make sure you follow the order in which the ingredients were displayed in the order sheet from bottom to top. After you have finished adding all the right ingredients, the cook will show you a ‘thumbs up' and take the order and a fresh one is displayed.

There are several rounds in the game. You are required to prepare a certain number of burgers to complete each round. You can see the round number and the order number currently going on at the bottom-left portion of the screen. The top part of the screen shows you three cooking cap icons representing the number of lives provided. If you add a wrong ingredient to the mixture, one life gets reduced. And losing all the lives means the game is over.

At higher rounds, the number of ingredients to be added in the burger gets a hike demanding your memory power to be sharp and sure. Progress in rounds means taller and taller the burger becomes and reveals the true meaning of the title of the game. As there is no time limit in playing the game, you can try some techniques like remembering only the first letter of the ingredients or writing down the name of the ingredients in a paper, etc. to play the game successfully till the end.

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