Fun and burger

Prepare the burgers and have fun. The game ‘Fun and Burger' is all about serving burgers in time. You are provided a red serving table and all the ingredients for preparing burgers and your duty is to run the shop successfully. The language of the game is not English, but don't worry. The game is so simple and convenient that even a small kid can play the game without any trouble. The main menu shows you the picture of a big and delicious burger and two buttons are provided at the bottom-left side. The first button is the ‘play' button and the button under it shows instructions. Don't go for the instructions if you don't know the language. Hit the ‘play' button and there you go.

On the top of the red table, the order will line one after the other and a lovely pack is also displayed to wrap up the order. The ingredients are displayed in various small shelves on the table. Click any item to add it in the big shelf on the right side of the table. The extreme right side has a time gauge running continuously. Look carefully the order and start making it. Add the ingredients one by one by following the order in which they are arranged from bottom to top. The ingredients include lettuce, onion rings, tomato slices, meat patties, cheese, buns, etc. If you make any mistake in adding the items, the mixing you done will be disappeared and you have to start from the beginning. After you have finished adding the right ingredients, click the pack placed on the top of the table to deliver the order.

The game is divided into certain levels. You have to successfully attend a specific number of orders to go to the next level. When time bar becomes full, the next order will be shown on the table and the time bar will start from beginning. As levels progress, the time bar reaches the end point faster than ever providing you very little time to meet an order. Move the cursor and click on items as quick as you can to stay in the game. Otherwise you will be knocked out of the game.

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