Fastest Burger Maker

You are running a fast food shop which provides the fastest serving of burgers than any other shop in the city. This game challenges you to maintain that momentum by serving a certain number of customers in each level. The beautiful animation and equally attractive music supports the game's success in a great way. The people who love burgers find it very interesting to play the game. If you are playing for the first time, the instructions available from the main menu will prove very handy.

The objective of the game is to make burgers in the shortest possible time. The game starts and you will find yourself placed in the preparation area of your shop. The menu cards arrive one after another and you will find the customer order with the required ingredients inside. Click and drag the hot bun or the burger bun to the cutting board to start making the burger. Slice it into two pieces and add ingredients inside them. The ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, meat patties and cheese require slicing while cabbage and sausage need not. Use the knife to chop the items and for that, you have to click and drag the knife to the board. Finish the burger by adding all the items mentioned in the order and it will be transferred to the cooking area.

The cooking area contains one microwave oven in which the burger is cooked. Click the oven door to open and place the item inside. Close the door and switch on the oven by clicking its button. The timer starts running for 20 seconds and open the microwave door when the timer finishes. Click and drag the food item to the well-designed pack to finish the order.

To finish a level, you have to meet certain number of orders successfully. If you make too many orders to wait in the queue, the game will be over. You have to do multiple things to handle more than one order at a time. Moving from preparation area to cooking area and vice-versa is done by clicking the arrow buttons on the top of the screen. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing the game and have fun!

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