Delicious Burger King

Make your favorite burgers with this simple and easy-to-play game. Those who love burgers will be eager to play this game again and again. The game has a sparkling menu with beautiful animations and club music playing all along the game making your gaming experience a lot more fascinating. This game is a tutorial for those who are unknown of the ingredients of burger or its different varieties and they must try this to get a basic idea and then cook them at their own houses and serve it to loved ones. The limitations of time or score do not affect you in anyway, so you can enjoy the game without any interference.

When you start the game by clicking the ‘play' button, you will find a big burger in a plate which is not prepared completely. The list of ingredients that you can add or change is displayed in a row on top of the screen represented by many icons. These are used to change the type of bun used, its colour, toppings, type of meat patty, vegetables and the last icon is to add some fruit slices to the plate for decoration purpose. Clicking each icon will drop another row below which is the submenu of the main row. Three burger icons on the left allow you to change the background as well as the colour of the plate. You can find two buttons on the lower left part of the screen namely reset and done. If you think you have picked up the wrong items, just click the ‘reset' button otherwise click ‘done' to preview what you have been made. Hit the ‘replay' button to play the game again. If you don't like the music that is being played, you can mute it at any time by clicking the icon at the extreme top-left.

In this game, the only device you have to control is the mouse. The game is a stress killer and keeps you calm and relaxed. There are more similar games to play. If you are interested, just click the logo of the game provider to have access to all of them.

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