Chicken With Barbecue Sauce

As the name suggests, the game Soft Drinks Service is about serving the best drinks to your customers as per the requirements. The game has very interactive interface and smooth transitions that are sure to make you addictive of the game. The requirements of the customers would change very frequently so you would be required to keep up with the pace of customer's demands. The game is developed using Flash technology and loads off instantly showcasing an amazing graphic of glass with the drink and lemon in it.

The game shows up two main options i.e. How to play and Play Game. Once you click the How to Play option it takes you to the game's in built extensive guide. It displays a waitress giving you all the guidelines on how you can build up the drink, and gives the details of all the ingredients required to make the best drink. It also tells that you would be required to satisfy the customer by choosing the ingredients required by him/her. You can also reset your drink altogether by clicking the cross button and build it all together again. The main target of the game is to earn more and more points which you can earn every time you serve the customer with right drink. It's important to earn points in the game because otherwise the life gets reduced. You would be required to use the mouse control to operate the game.

Once you click the Play Now button you would be taken direct to main playing interface, and as soon as you start you would see a customer who would tell you what type of drink he/she needs. The customers would change very frequently and you would be required to build up the drink in the best time. The first option while building the drink is choosing the glass, once you are done with choosing the glass you would be able to choose the drink as per the customer's requirement, after choosing the drink you would be able to choose the fruit and then finally extra's to give the drink an appealing look. Once you believe your drink is all ready to be served you can simply click the serve button. With every drink served your score and life would increase, also you would be required a minimum of 10 drinks in the first level to proceed to the next level. Also with each level the game's intricacy would increase.

This cool flash game is well developed and lacks any bugs whatsoever, the graphics are well developed and we are sure that these things make this game one of the finest games available in the market. The game has some serious fun and would automatically vigor you to maintain the game's pace so that you can proceed to higher levels of game. Once you are finished with the game, it also allows you to save your highest score so that you can flaunt it to people anywhere in the world. Give the game a go to have serious fun time.

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